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The Mako robotic arm offers an increased level of precision for joint replacement surgery. It helps the surgeon to precisely plan and perform your surgery.


 A CT scan is performed of your hip or knee, which enables a 3D model of your joint to be created.


Mr Westerman uses this model to create a unique personalised plan of the joint replacement you need.


Throughout the operation is performed by Mr Westerman. The robotic arm provides him with numerical feedback, confirming the position he is placing the implants and how this compares to the original plan. Mr Westerman is able to adjust the plan throughout the operation to optimise the position of the implants effectively.


It is hoped that the patient will experience:

  • Less pain

  • Shorter recovery times


It is hoped that by improving the precision of the position and alignment of the implants, there will be:

  • Less stiffness

  • Less wear of the implants

  • Less risk of dislocation (for the hip joint) 

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